Buying a new home is one of the most important decisions one can make. As the buyer, you can and should demand the BEST new home warranty coverage. HomePro is Canada’s best new home warranty program, offering higher limits, longer terms and additional coverage not available from other warranty providers.

HomePro Exclusive 10 Year Warranty

HomePro is designed to specifically protect new home buyers. The HomePro symbol represents excellence and assures you that your HomePro Builder has met high standards of accountability in the areas of finance, construction, and customer satisfaction. You and your family can feel confident and secure with the protection you receive from our HomePro program.

1 Year Materials & Labour Warranty
Your home will be worry free in the first year, as your HomePro Builder warrants against defects (items that do not conform with warranty standards) in workmanship and materials that may occur during the first year after completion.

2 Year Mechanical Systems Warranty
In the second year, your HomePro Warranty extends to the crucial mechanical systems that keep your home comfortable. HomePro provides coverage for any defect in materials and labour supplied for the gas, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning delivery systems.

5 Year Foundation Water Penetration Warranty
Your HomePro Warranty provides coverage against water penetration through foundation walls that threaten the comfort and beauty of your new home. The 5 year coverage term is also exclusive to HomePro, which is just one more reason why HomePro is Canada’s Best New Home Warranty!

10 Year Structural Defect Warranty
Your HomePro Warranty protects the very heart of your home’s structure for 10 full years to a maximum of $60,000. HomePro covers any defects in materials and labour that result in a failure of the load bearing portion of the home or the structural damage that might result from such a failure. No other warranty provider offers 10 years of coverage as a minimum standard. This is just another reason why HomePro is Canada’s Best New Home Warranty!

$25,000 Deposit Security Warranty
Your HomePro Deposit Security Warranty provides peace of mind and protection against HomePro Builders who do not fulfill their commitments to you. HomePro provides coverage if the HomePro Builder, due to bankruptcy or other causes, cannot refund your deposit up to a maximum of $25,000. Applications for this optional coverage are available from your HomePro Builder.

$6,000 Additional Living Expense Coverage
Your HomePro Warranty will ensure you and your family have a place to live if you have to move out of your home because of a structural defect. You will be reimbursed up to $6,000 for additional expenses you incur such as hotel rooms and food costs while you are unable to live in your home.

For additional information on the HomePro program please visit the website at: or call directly at 1-866-99MYPRO (1-866-996-9776)