Parliament Pointe condos are being designed with a “solar-first” approach and the units will receive most of their energy from the sun – through 406 solar panels being installed for the project. The solar energy output at Parliament Pointe will output 4,250 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, the equivalent of powering 8,500 computers for one year!

With estimated consumption per unit of 7,000 kWh, homeowners will save about $500 per year in energy costs.

How do you as a homeowner save money? The financed monthly payments for the solar energy package is less than power bill seen in regular condo projects. Typically, power costs increase each year, however with solar power your costs are kept stable throughout the long term. Imagine being able to lock in your power bills below today’s cost for the next 25 years! With the solar panels being installed at Parliament Pointe, we are creating the ability to save up to 70% of a typical power bill.

Starting from your first day of moving in, you will save an average of $500 per year in energy costs. Imagine what you could do with those savings!

Solar panels reduce monthly energy costs for each homeowner and significantly impact the environment. Solar energy is SMART + SUSTAINABLE and Anagram is proud to lead the way with the first multi-family project to use solar energy in the province.