Parliament Pointe Condos

Live Life Your Way

By building affordable homes with modern style and practical green features we help you save money today and the environment tomorrow.

Each condo unit is built so that you can live your life in balance. Modern amenities are balanced with energy-saving solar technology. Simplicity is balanced with warm and comfortable design. Belonging to a community is balanced with the ability to create your own sanctuary. All this, at an affordable price that brings you peace of mind for the future.

This project was 100% completed on September 1, 2018.


Fresh Design Concept

The goal of the development is to provide affordable and sustainable housing in the form of multiple duplex and four-plex type units, with at-grade amenity spaces, within a modest size of approximately 1,000 sqft per unit.

The development is a condominium homeownership model that will provide homes below current market prices, without the need for subsidies for the purchaser. The development aims to maximize density on parcels that would otherwise be used for lower density, market-priced homes.

Sustainable development processes are an important consideration for this project. Such sustainable processes may include using recycled, recyclable, or sustainable materials, using energy efficient envelopes, fitting with energy efficient appliances, clean energy power production through use of PV solar panels, and achieving 82+ Energy Star standards.

Community Engagement

Anagram HOMES has partnered with the City of Regina in their Neighbourhood Building Blocks Housing Incentives Program. Anagram HOMES worked with the City of Regina work towards the Capital Grant Project for funding of $15,000 per unit, and for a 5 Year Tax Exemption for 16 units.

Renewable Power Production

Parliament Pointe condos are being designed with a “solar-first” approach and the units will receive most of their energy from the sun – through 406 solar panels being installed for the project. The solar energy output at Parliament Pointe will output 4,250 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, the equivalent of powering 8,500 computers for one year!

With estimated consumption per unit of 7,000 kWh, homeowners will save about $500 per year in energy costs.

How do you as a homeowner save money? The financed monthly payments for the solar energy package is less than power bill seen in regular condo projects. Typically, power costs increase each year, however with solar power your costs are kept stable throughout the long term. Imagine being able to lock in your power bills below today’s cost for the next 25 years! With the solar panels being installed at Parliament Pointe, we are creating the ability to save up to 70% of a typical power bill.

Smart + Sustainable + Attainable

Smart + Sustainable + Attainable home builder established in 2012. At Anagram HOMES we built smart + sustainable + attainable homes for you and the environment.

What’s in a name? The term “anagram” is actually a word, phase or name formed by rearranging the letters of another word. We believe that the old building methods used to produced energy wasting, cookie cutter homes from the past need to be updated for the future. By looking back at the past and connect the dots with new technologies to make a new future.