Pacific Avenue RENTALS


Anagram PROPERTIES Inc., has engaged MQN Architects to design a multi-family rental development on Pacific Avenue in the Capri / Landmark area of Kelowna. The proposed development follows Anagram’s corporate strategy of providing smart, sustainable and attainable properties. This purpose built rental project is situated one block south of the Capri Centre Mall enabling residents to walk to work and social activities.

Currently this project is going through the Development Permit process with the City of Kelowna and as part of that process a neighbour consultation is being completed.The intent of this consulation process is to inform neighbouring properties of the intent of this project and to describe the proposed changes associated with the project. Learn More >>>


Smart + Sustainable + Attainable Pacific Avenue RENTALS in Kelowna’s Capri / Landmark area. Featuring 30 affordable apartment units individually designed to maximize living space. The sustainable apartment building will feature six one-bedroom units, 19 two-bedroom units, and five three-bedroom units. Electric Vehicle Carshare and Bicycle Sharing Programs. Occupancies starting in AUTUMN 2018! Learn More >>>


Anagram PROPERTIES Inc. has partnered with the City of Kelowna and aligned with their strategic priorities for urban development. City of Kelowna’s developer incentives are utilized for this project in the City Centre with grants and tax incentives available to promote the development of purpose-built rental housing throughout Kelowna. Learn More >>>


Anagram PROPERTIES Inc. has partnered with the OGO Car Share CO-OP providing Pacific Avenue RENTALS a membership-based service that gives tenants with 24/7 access to EV’s (Electric Vehicles). Tenants pay for usage on an hourly and per km basis. No more monthly car loan or annual insurance payment. Rates cover the cost of recharging at the 6 charging stations provided in the building, vehicle insurance, and permanent parking. Plus OGO looks after cleaning the EV’s, changing to winter tires, oil changes, and other ongoing maintenance. The Pacific Avenue RENTALS EV Carshare program will help the City of Kelowna to become a greener and more sustainable community. Learn More >>>


The Pacific Avenue RENTALS bike share program will save tenants hundreds of dollars for a bike and never need to worry about maintenance and theft. The Pacific Avenue RENTALS bike share program will help the City of Kelowna to become a greener and more active community.

Research indicates that for a city its size, Kelowna has the most extensive bicycle network in Canada. Combined with their long, beautiful summers, it’s no wonder so many people choose to hop their bike and cruise around the city. Learn More >>>

Cycling is a great way to get around, especially with Kelowna’s 20-year plan to become an even more bike-friendly city. Whether you’re cruising along the lakeshore or peddling as a means to your morning commute to work, it’s always an enjoyable breath of fresh air. Learn More >>>


Pacific Avenue RENTALS is designed with a “solar-first” approach and the units will receive most of their energy from the sun – through 378 solar panels being installed for the project. The solar energy output at Pacific Avenue RENTALS will output 100,170 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, the equivalent reducing 74.5 Metric Tons of Greenhouse gas emissions from 16 passenger vehicles driven for one year.

Pacific Avenue RENTALS has partnered with FortisBC’s net metering program is designed for parter’s who generate electricity for their own use. When the units generate more than tenant’s need, we sell the electricity back to FortisBC. When the units don’t generate enough to meet tenant needs, we buy it from FortisBC.

When we sell to FortisBC, the tenants get a bill credit towards tenants future electricity use. If you still have an excess credit at your anniversary date of joining the program, FortisBC will pay you for the electricity. Learn More >>>

A typical home generally consumes 11,000 kWh/year. A typical solar installation on a residential roof is 4 kilowatt (kW) in size with 16 solar panels, which in B.C., generates 4,400 kWh of electricity over a year. Pacific Avenue RENTALS will save about $550 per year in energy costs.

Smart + Sustainable + Attainable

Smart + Sustainable + Attainable home builder established in 2012. At Anagram HOMES we built smart + sustainable + attainable homes for you and the environment.

What’s in a name? The term “anagram” is actually a word, phase or name formed by rearranging the letters of another word. We believe that the old building methods used to produced energy wasting, cookie cutter homes from the past need to be updated for the future. By looking back at the past and connect the dots with new technologies to make a new future.

In 2016 Anagram PROPERTIES Inc. won the Environmental Leadership in Housing 20+ Homes Award from the Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association for the Parliament Pointe Condominium Project designed with a “solar-first” approach and the units receive most of their energy from the sun – through 406 solar panels being installed for the project. The solar energy output at Parliament Pointe is 4,250 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, the equivalent of powering 8,500 computers for one year! Read More >>>


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