Anagram PROPERTIES Inc., has engaged MQN Architects to design a multi-family rental development on Pacific Avenue in the Capri / Landmark area of Kelowna. The proposed development follows Anagram’s corporate strategy of providing smart, sustainable and attainable properties. This purpose built rental project is situated one block south of the Capri Centre Mall enabling residents to walk to work and social activities.

Currently this project is going through the Development Permit process with the City of Kelowna and as part of that process a neighbour consultation is being completed.The intent of this consulation process is to inform neighbouring properties of the intent of this project and to describe the proposed changes associated with the project.


Pacific Avenue RENTALS is proposed for 1145 Pacific Avenue. This site is to the south of the Capri Centre Mall and is located within an urban centre of Kelowna. The Official Community Plan for the Capri / Landmark area of Kelowna includes 1,250 multifamly residences. Pacific Avenue and this particular site are classified as MRM Multiple Unit Residential which corresponds to a zoning of RM5 which this project is applying for.


Pacific Avenue RENTALS is designed as a four storey rental housing project with a ground level parkade in Kelowna. Recognizing the challenges of finding appropriate housing, this project is a mixture of 1 – 3 bedroom apartments providing housing options for a range of renters. The building has been designed to be constructed from modular units and incorporates a number of forward thinking design features including solar power, car sharing and bike sharing programs.

The Pacific Avenue RENTALS project comprised of 31 apartment units and at grade parking. The proposed building requires Rezoning and four development variances. The existing properties in this neighbourhood are currently zoned as RU6 – Two Dwelling Housing, RM1 – Four Dwelling Housing and RM5 – Medium Density Multiple Housing. The neighbourhood is also listed in the Official Community Plan as MRM – Multiple Unit Residential (Medium Density). For the Pacific Avenue RENTALS, the intent is to rezone the property from RU6 to RM5 which is consistent with the zoning of the property immediately south and with the Official Community Plan.

This project proposes varying the rear and side yard setbacks for the building. To achieve the parking required for this project the east side yard has been varied to 1.5m to accommodate the parking requirement. Residential units from the second to the fourth floor are stepped back to the 4.5m setback from the property line meeting the setback requirements and the fifth floor is 6.0m from the property line exceeding the setback requirements. The fifth floor is further inset on the east and west sides to reduce the scale of the building relative to the neighboring properties. The rear yard of this project is varied to a 7.5m setback from the property line. The front yard of this facility is based on 2.5m dedication and a 1.5m setback to the ground and second level portion of the building. This setback is to accommodate ground level townhouses which front onto the street. The upper levels of the building are setback 6m from the original setback line and 3.5m from the proposed road dedication.

To achieve the proposed parking and massing of this project, the site coverage has been varied to 81% with 57% of that being the building and the remaining 24% being attributed to driveways and parking. Recognizing the potential impact that an increased site coverage will have on the storm water flow into the municipal systems we have been working with New Town Planning Services to identify storm water management options for this site. New Town has identified a preliminary concept which would include developing a storm retention tank beneath the proposed exterior driveway. The storm network would be composed of catch basins, drywells, and a variety of storm detention tanks.  The storm retention tank and drywells would be designed to disperse the storm water through infiltration with storage capacity adequate to attenuate the 100-year storm, as per the City of Kelowna servicing bylaw requirements. Roof leaders and foundation drains would be designed to disperse to either rock pits or the storm network, at which point it would be allowed to infiltrate. 

The Anagram building for Pacific Avenue has been designed to incorporate sustainability into project. Sustainable features for this project start from the location planning with the intent of providing housing within an urban location which reduces the need to vehicular travel. Two parking stalls have been included for car share parking providing residents and neighbours an option to owning a dedicated vehicle. The parking lot also includes four charging stations for electric vehicles spread between both the car share and private parking stalls. Approximately 100kw of solar power is planned for the project which would power the electric vehicle charging stations as well as providing electricity to the rental units and common areas. 

To encourage alternative transit, a fully enclosed bicycle room for the residents providing secure, weather protected storage at the ground level. In addition to providing space for the storage of personal bikes, Anagram PROPERTIES Inc. is also providing six shared bicycles for the building tenants which will be located within the parkade area along with a bicycle maintenance space for tenants. The City of Kelowna has been described as having the most extensive bicycle network for a city of its size and intends to build on this with its 20-year transportation plan. The inclusion of innovative programs such as this facility’s bike share will augment Kelowna’s vision.


Project Phase – Submitted for Development Permit

Site Area 1,850m2

Site Width 32.4m

Site Depth 74.0m

Site Coverage 81%

Building Height 5 Storeys, 19.8m

Unit Count 31 Apartments

Parking 36 Stalls

Loading 1 Stall

Current Zoning RU6 – Two Dwelling Housing

Proposed Zoning RM5 – Medium Density Multiple


OCP Designation MRM – Multiple Unit Residential

(Medium Density)

Front Yard Setback 6.0m North

Side Yard Setback 6.9m West

Side Yard Setback 1.5m East

Rear Yard Setback 7.5m South



1593 Ellis Street
Kelowna, BC V1Y 2A7


MQN Architects
Suite 100 – 3313 32nd Ave
Vernon, BC V1T 2M7
Roger Green (250) 542-1199


City of Kelowna
Planning Department
1435 Water St.
Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J4
Alec Warrender (250) 469-8776


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